About Me

About Craving to Create:

I wanted to find a way to combine two things we loved

and from that desire Craving to Create was born. After dropping out of college to pursue videography full-time, I also discovered a passion for food and travel. Uniquely, it supports the creativity found in videography, photography, and in the culinary space with eating and cooking. Following these desires to travel and explore more cuisines and cultures, I am always looking forward to my next trip, and sharing those stories with all of you!

While I write the travel stories and food recipes present on the site, I have a team of friends who help support the creative storytelling for businesses near and far!

I tend to be more commonly known around the Davis community as “the Youtube guy” or “Alex Fisher-Wagner”, and have been creating content in some way, shape, or form since 2014. During the peak of the pandemic I began cooking a lot, which is what inspired me to start making recipes on here, and now (2023) I’m happy to announce I’m back at it! I also now dabble in coffee roasting, and coffee recipes, so expect more of that in the future.

When I’m not traveling, I’m usually trying new restaurants, recipe developing, or helping out at a local brewery. If you ever see me be sure to say hi!

A rather outdated video of my “re-brand” but the jist is still accurate. Just be aware, Kat and I are no longer dating, but we are still very good friends and business partners. Also my glasses and hair is completely different than in this video.

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